We're all valued 

Wave for Change is about encouraging and enabling mixed-ability friendships.


We want to see more people with and without learning disabilities mixing and having fun together in the heart of our communities.


Our focus is on enabling places across the UK where this can happen. We connect, encourage and support those who want to see vibrant mixed-ability social and worship groups in their communities.

Why Mix?

The benefits for everyone

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With Not For

The WAVE approach is that everyone should have the chance to join in with community life and be valued equally. We avoid terms like ‘service users’ or ‘volunteers’. For us it’s all about doing things with and not for each other.


When we do this, everyone benefits

  • Understanding and acceptance of people’s ‘differences’ improves

  • Confidence grows

  • Anxiety reduces

  • Friendships are built

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Hear Flo and Ophir's experiences of WAVE.

“Seeing the stress in a Mum coming to the group for the first time - closely watching her child who struggles in group settings, scared of how it will go - then seeing her face relax because her child is welcomed.  It’s such a blessing to me to make those connections happen.”

Andriana, The Haven, Crouch End

WAVE Activities

All WAVE activities follow our 'We're All Valued Equally' ethos and provide different places for inclusion in the community.




Image by Tim Mossholder


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