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Let us help you!

WAVE in a Box is our way to make it easier to get started.


Suggestions, guidance and physical resources, along with mentoring and access to a community of other WAVEmakers. Our experience since 2009 is all packaged up in WAVE in a Box!


“You’re probably a little nervous, uncertain and looking for encouragement. You’ll find that encouragement here”


Co-founder of WAVE for Change


“I’m WAVE’s Relationship Manager, supporting and liaising between all our WAVEmakers. Do get in touch with any questions”

Carolyn, Relationships Manager

What WAVE in a Box gives you.

1. Straightforward, practical help to get you started

Taster at St Neots

If you’re planning a Taster event, a mentor will guide you with the planning stage. In addition, our step-by-step Starter Kit takes you through everything you need to think about…. getting a team together, finding the right venue, publicising the event, planning the activities and much more.

"Your advice has been invaluable and reassuring. You put my mind at rest in terms of the realistic mix of people that is workable for the event."

Sue, WAVEmaker at St Neots

2. Tried and tested ideas

Friendship Tree

We’ve tried many ‘levelling activities’ over the years – things that work well with a mixed-ability group. You’ll find them in the box, along with some downloadable activities to use as conversation starters.


If you’re setting up a worship group, or making an existing worship group more inclusive, in the box you’ll find outline service plans, craft suggestions, songs suitable for Makaton signing, ideas for interactive prayers and more.

"WAVE provided all the materials we needed, all the support we needed, the framework – it was all there so we didn’t need to make anything from scratch ourselves."

Alice, Little Ilford

3. Mentoring from a community of WAVEmakers

WAVEmakers Forum

Most WAVEmakers appreciate some level of personal support in the early stages. Anything from a simple phone call to ask a question, to an online planning session with a mixed-ability team. We’ll match you up with a mentor with relevant experience.


We have a growing community of WAVEmakers across the UK. Some are running social groups, some are leading worship groups, and some have hybrid groups. You can join the quarterly forums (generally online) where everyone can share their questions and experiences and support each other.

"Thank you so much for the help with the funeral, the prayers were just right!"

Neil, Slough

4. Access to research and impact data

Impact Graph of connections being made through WAVE for Change

We all witness the positive impact our groups are having, but sometimes hard evidence is needed, especially by potential funders. We ask groups to keep some simple records, e.g. on number of attendees, and we carry out annual feedback surveys. All this data is then available for you to use in planning and when applying for grants.

Get in touch with Carolyn to find out more

There are many people doing great things to make their community more inclusive. By accessing WAVE in a Box, you'll be joining a community of WAVEmakers running genuinely inclusive initiatives.

We'd love to hear from you

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