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What's is Wave in a Box?

Wave in a Box is a culmination of resources, guidance and top tips that we have collected since 2009 to encourage others.


We want to share our experiences, research and learning to enable more vibrant mixed-ability activities and communities.


In Wave in a Box, you will find:

Personal advice 

from the leader of an existing Wave group


A mixed-ability team

to support you as you plan and hold an event


Access to an online hub

with a range of tips, ideas, printable and video resources


You become part of the Wavemaker Forum

to share learning and encourage each other


Research* and learning

from the team analysing the impact Wave groups are having

*If you would like to purchase our research report, please contact us here.

We want to make friends. And Waves.

How can we work together?


We know that there are people doing great things to make their community more inclusive for all. We know that there is strength in collaboration. By joining the movement and becoming a Wavemaker we are not only working to change our community but wider society.

Take a look at our current associated groups that follow the With Not For ethos. We currently run the following groups and activities:

Join the Wave for Change movement

If you would like to join Wave for Change on our mission to enable more mixed-ability places, here's how you can follow our work:

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Drop us an email at hello@waveforchange.org.uk

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Hear from our other Wavemakers

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Ben’s Story - Setting up Wave Cafe

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Ingrid's Story - Setting up Wave Church

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Hannah’s Story - Running Wave Parent and Baby group

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Tell us about your mixed-ability event

Thank you for contacting us, we would love to shout about your event on our social media and on our website.