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Visit a group

We believe the best way to experience an activity that follows our We’re All Valued Equally ethos is to come along and be a part of it.


Visit an existing WAVE Parent & Baby, Social or Worship group.

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Join the WAVE movement

To join our mission to enable more mixed-ability places where we’re all valued equally:

Run a small activity

Why not find one or two others who are passionate about inclusion and do your own mixed-ability activity? We always find that starting small is best.



  • Cooking together

  • Pizza and movie evening at home

  • Going out to an activity everyone can take part in - we find activities like bowling were a firm favourite!

If you're a church group, we have ideas for inclusive worship that you may find helpful. Contact us at for more details.

You can also purchase our
Fruit of the Spirit Makaton guide to use at your church.

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Sometimes, people are waiting for someone to step up, speak out, shape change.

 You are someone. 

Bernice King

Join in with WAVE

We need someone like you to help WAVE's ethos ripple out into more communities.  


There are many ways to get involved. Whether you want to go along to a group, hold a small mixed-ability activity with friends or establish a new group, we want to help.

Become a WAVEmaker

We’re creating a network of people across the UK who are running or supporting mixed-ability social and worship events in their communities.

Find out more about Becoming a WAVEmaker


Start making a difference in your community

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