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Become a WAVEmaker

A WAVEmaker is someone who feels motivated to create or support more genuinely inclusive social or worship places in their community. If that sounds like you, watch this video! We'd love to hear your ideas and explore how we can work together. 

Watch the video to find out what we can offer WAVEmakers

Run a Taster event

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Do you want to explore if a mixed-ability social event would work in your community? 


A taster event is a great way to find like-minded people interested in mixed-ability activities. We can share advice and resources and, if you’re close to London, even provide a mixed-ability team to help you run it.


To find out about how we can support you to get started, 

get in touch.

Start a new group

Do you see a need for mixed-ability activities in your community? Would you like to help create more places where we’re all valued equally?


We have years of experience setting up and running groups which we’d love to share through our WAVE in a Box resource.

To find out more please get in touch and we can have a conversation


For more details on WAVE in a Box, visit our webpage:

Partner with us 

Are you a practitioner or organisation that shares our We’re All Valued Equally ethos and With Not For approach to inclusivity? Maybe you already run a group?


If so we’d love to connect and see how we can support each other.

Please get in touch and we can have a conversation

You may face barriers...

Lack of awareness

People don't realise the need or possibility for mixed-ability activities
Vulnerability avoidance
People think it's not for them
People don't know what to do around people different to them
Lack of language
People don't know what to say

But they can be overcome...


Don’t worry about saying or doing the wrong thing, be flexible and don't beat yourself up if things don't go to plan

Have fun!

Include your friends - focus on making it easy and enjoyable for people to comfortably mix

Here’s what some of the people who have been inspired to run inclusive activities in their community say:

“My younger child gets play dates every week, my daughter with autism has had just one or two throughout her entire time at school - you always feel the odd one out in the playground. I always wanted to have a place where it would be easy to go, get support on the motherhood journey. It just went from there. It’s such a blessing to me to make those connections happen.”

Andriana, The Haven, Crouch End

“We saw Songs of Praise on TV and made contact with Bernice. We had a shared passion and vision for people with learning disabilities to live their lives to the fullest and to be able to grow in their faith in God. It was helpful attending WAVE Church Muswell Hill to see how their services are run and to receive materials to get us started”.

Alice, WAVE Little Ilford

“I had experienced WAVE Café in Muswell Hill and was always struck by how 'normal' and welcoming it was. If the church wants to grow we need to be reaching out to people who are currently on the margins - we will benefit from what they bring just as much as they will benefit from being brought into the church community. My advice to others - Just 'jump in and have a go'!  Once you get involved it changes you.”

Sue, St Neots

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Hear from others who are running mixed-ability groups

Celia’s Story - Setting up WAVE Parent and Baby group

wave Club photo 2.jpg

Ben’s Story - Setting up WAVE Cafe

Click to download


Bernice & Kirsten's Story - Setting up WAVE Church

Click to download


Hannah’s Story - Running WAVE Parent and Baby group

Click to download

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