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We love being part of activities and places that welcome people with and without learning disabilities.


Since 2009, we’ve enjoyed trying to create these places of warmth and acceptance in our local community in North London.


We feel we have some helpful experience to share, that might encourage others to do something similar in their community.


We want to find others (we call them Wavemakers) who want to do the same - people willing to join us on this journey of creating more genuinely inclusive places.

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We want to make friends. And Waves.

We want to share our experiences, research and learning from others to enable more vibrant mixed ability activities to be regularly happening across the UK.  

Wave in a Box is for anyone who wants to see their community be more inclusive, based on WAVE’s core ethos of With Not For. In Wave in a Box, you will find:

  • Top tips to help you start your inclusive place or activity

  • Resources to help you promote your activity

  • Guidance from WAVE group leaders

  • Support from our mixed ability team

  • How to join our network of Wavemakers

  • Promotion of your group on the WAVE website

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Why partner with us?

Wave for Change promise is a commitment to welcoming people with and without learning disabilities who want to participate together as equals in your place or activity. We have years of experience behind us, and, although we’re by no means experts, we want to help more mixed ability activities open up, in any way we can.


Partnering with us is a simple way to show that you’re ambitious about inclusion, to have someone walking your journey with you side by side, where we encourage everyone to try things out and to make mistakes.


Everything we offer is to make setting up or running your inclusive activity as simple as possible. By joining the movement, we are not working to change just our community but wider society. We know that there are people doing great things in their community. By connecting with each other, we can become a recognised network working together for change.


We currently run the following groups and activities:


But we would love to hear if you had any other ideas.

What can you expect from a WAVE group?

Wave for Change Promise

The Wave for Change promise is for anyone who wants to engage people in mixed ability socialising, learning, playing, creating, working or worship. For anyone joining a Wave for Change Associate Group, we want them to know what to expect, whether they have a learning disability or not.

An organisation that displays the Wave for Change brand agrees to:


  • Value all people equally, through the way you talk, listen to and treat people.

  • Apply a With Not For ethos wherever possible throughout your work, actively including people with learning disabilities at all stages from planning to delivery.

  • Offer enjoyable activities for people with and without learning disabilities

  • Create a welcoming, accepting culture for all activities and place

  • Follow health and safety rules and put policies in place to protect the most vulnerable.

  • Promote the With Not For ethos proudly 

Hear from our other Wavemakers

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Tell us about your mixed ability event

Thank you for contacting us, we would love to shout about your event on our social media and on our website.