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People with learning disabilities remain one of the most socially segregated groups in our society.


There have been efforts to change attitudes around learning disability but there has been little shift in social behaviour. 


Having a child who is different is a constant battle for the parents to include them in society. Even though we are all different, we try to hide the differences in order to blend in

88% of adults do not often mix socially with anyone with different abilities.

Wave is the first time in a social environment that I have met people with additional needs. I don’t have any relatives with a disability

I didn’t really have anything against people with learning disabilities, I just didn’t make any effort to engage with them

If I didn’t come to Wave it would be a lot harder to meet people. I have friends that struggle to meet people and find it hard to fit in

I felt like disability was something to be ashamed of

You’re not in touch that much in your daily life (with people of different abilities) and so it’s the not knowing that makes you insecure – you don’t quite know what to expect

I was too nervous of getting things wrong – I needed someone or something to challenge me

For those not used to mixing there is often a fear – of making yourself vulnerable, of not knowing what to say or do.

Wave’s experience, backed up by our research*, is that fear and prejudices are only overcome when people with and without learning disabilities spend quality time together. The more we engage in mixed abilities socialising the easier it gets, the better we feel about doing it and the more others are encouraged to join in.

The more time you spend with people who have a different way of being the more accustomed you become

I found the more I came to Wave the more confident I became – it takes time

There’s something about everyone doing the same thing together – it has an incredible community feel about it

Wave is a model for society Everyone should interact, and not dwell on differences. Wave welcomes people in and people feel useful.

Listen to Wave’s co-founder talk about why Wave started

Read stories of the difference Wave has made already

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Start making a difference in your community

*Wave research conducted in 2019. Full details on the ‘Generating Change through Mixed Abilities Communities’ report available below.

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