Where we started

WAVE started in Muswell Hill, North London in 2009. Since then we’ve demonstrated how we're all valued equally through various inclusive groups and activities.

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Our Activities

Our Stories

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Our Research


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If you're interested in establishing a form of mixed socialising in your area, visit our Get Involved page​ to see how you can make a difference. And if you’re interested in us, we want to connect with you!

Our stories


Jess and Abe

Performing with Abe gives me confidence. Sometimes I get a bit nervous but when I have Abe beside me, I know everything’s going to be OK


Ben and Michael

I'm really grateful to have met Michael through Wave Cafe. His infectious smile and enthusiasm really rubs off on everyone at Wave and always helps put us all in a good mood

Hannah and Krystyna

Wave is an incredible opportunity for people with and without learning disabilities to mix. It is amazing to learn from each other and to encourage one another



Being in Wave Club makes me feel connected to different people. I feel free to speak up and express my disability

Liz and Caroline

Challenge has become an absolute lifeline to me; I genuinely don't know how I would cope without it

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Through Wave I have had the pleasure of getting to know the most non-judgmental, loving and open minded group of people

Our values

1. In faith & love: we start from a place of belief that we are all valued equally by God. We value and respect people  in the way we talk, listen to and treat them.

2. Simply: we try to keep all that we do and say as simple as possible, so that it is easy for people to understand and can easily join in

3. Having fun: we try to make sure that people enjoy doing stuff together, whether as a participant in activities and events, or as a staff/team member.

4. Creatively: we encourage new ideas and different ways of working; we use all forms of creative activity encourage people with and without LD to comfortably mix and learn from each other.

5. Inclusively: we are working to improve understanding and interactions between people both with and without learning disabilities. Those with learning disabilities are welcomed as valued and active members of our teams and activities (not service users or beneficiaries). Those without learning disabilities are welcomed to join in with our mixed ability teams and events (as equally valued participants, not as volunteers or donors to help those who are less fortunate).

6. Safely: we follow health and safety rules; have policies in place to protect the vulnerable among us; have necessary insurance cover; handle personal information as required by privacy laws