Who we are

Our ethos

Wave was started by parents who know first-hand the challenges of integrating a child with learning disabilities into their community. We realised that the greatest barrier we face can’t be eradicated by legislation and policy. It needs a change in the attitudes of those who have little or no experience of disability.


Faithful teams now support us to run weekly/monthly groups and activities. Through these we are both helping each other to overcome barriers to inclusion and reducing the risk of social isolation.


Wave was established by parents whose Christian faith motivated them to work toward a more inclusive society, based on a belief that in God’s eyes we’re all valued equally. Wave however welcomes and includes those of all faiths or none.


Watch Wave co-founder, Celia, talking about what motivated her to set up Wave. 

Our Motivation

Wave’s ethos is to change attitudes through individuals with and without learning disabilities working together as equals. Whatever our abilities we all have something to contribute.


Wave wants to help change attitudes towards disability in our neighbourhoods, based on the strong belief that We’re All Valued Equally. We challenge ourselves to make sure that all our activities:

Encourage those with and without learning disabilities to mix as equals.


Help break down barriers, fears, misunderstandings or embarrassment between those with and without learning disabilities.


Move us nearer to being neighbourhoods where those with and without learning disabilities can ‘be’ together comfortably.

Provide an opportunity for at least one of the following to happen on an equal footing between those with and without learning disabilities: learn, socialise, have fun, work, live together, worship.

Why we're called Wave

Wave stands for We’re All Valued Equally. This drives everything we do. We like that our work can be summed up in the two meanings of the word ‘wave’. Wave is a universal sign of friendship. It’s also a powerful force that can break down barriers.

Contact us: info@wave-for-change.org.uk 

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