About us

Wave stands for We’re All Valued Equally.

This drives everything we do. We like that our work can be summed up in the two meanings of the word ‘wave’, a universal sign of friendship and a powerful force that can break down barriers. 

Our aim is to use the experience we have gained from starting and running inclusive groups in North London, to help other communities to mix.

How we started

Wave was started by two parents with first hand experience of the challenges of integrating a child with learning disabilities into their community. They realised that the greatest barrier they faced can’t be overcome by legislation or policy. It needs a change in the attitudes of those who have little or no experience of disability. 

The Christian faith of the founders, Bernice and Celia, motivated them to work toward a more inclusive society, based on a belief that in God’s eyes we’re all valued equally. Wave activities have always welcomed and included those of all faiths or none. 


Where it all started

WAVE started in Muswell Hill, North London in 2009. Since then we’ve demonstrated how we're all valued equally through various inclusive groups and activities.


  • The Challenge Group. For children with additional needs, their parents and carers



  • Wave Church. Informal and creative worship, including singing with Makaton signing and bible teaching using pictures, games and drama



  • Wave Club. Began as a place where 16-24 year olds, with and without a learning disability, could comfortably meet and have fun together, with cook-ins, games nights, bowling and many other creative and sporting activities. It started pop-up café events and has now become the established Wave Café. 



  • Wave Café.  Established as a separate CIO (charitable incorporated organisation) to promote the Wave ethos.


Watch Celia talking about what motivated her to start Wave

The team behind Wave

Celia Webster



I co-founded Wave as I am passionate about breaking down barriers for people with and without learning disabilities

Why I'm involved

Bernice Hardie

Co-Founder and CEO


I co-founded Wave because I am passionate about inclusion and know that what we do at Wave helps people with and without learning disabilities to feel more valued in their community

Why I'm involved


I’m involved with Wave because…

I want to see communities change and everyone be valued equally 

Why I'm involved

Ingrid Skinner


Toby Morrison



My reason for being involved in Wave is that I am high functioning autistic and have a passion for inclusion within the charity sector. I have worked and volunteered in the sector since 2006 and completed my degree in Applied Community and Social Studies. 

Why I'm involved

Stephanie Buckingham



After my son’s autism diagnosis, Wave became a lifeline to me. I honestly wouldn’t have coped without them and feel honoured to be a trustee. I’m also a special needs school Governor.

Why I'm involved

Darrell Myers



 I’m involved with Wave Café and like working in the kitchen and doing different activities 

Why I'm involved

Richard Davis



I am a father of a young lady who has Down’s syndrome and have been involved in the voluntary sector for over thirty years. Wave is something I feel very passionate about. 

Why I'm involved

Ophir Yaron



I'm involved with Wave because I love making change and to be who I am as a person not just with a (l)able of down syndrome, also to inspire everyone.

Why I'm involved

Nancy Sawan



It's a unique organisation focused on the social and emotional tools that individuals with and without learning disabilities need to build truly inclusive communities

Why I'm involved

Ian Hardie



I never know what Wave will create or make happen but I know it will make me smile.


 I just love being around people who are completely open and real

Why I'm involved

Gerry Stanton


unnamed (4).jpg

I passionately believe that mixed ability groups make all our lives better. Wave is an inspirational way to develop such groups.

Why I'm involved

Xavier Azado



Wave is very special to me. People like myself with a learning disability can help others.  Everybody’s always got something to give.

Why I'm involved

Ellie Williams



I believe strongly that all people are, and should be, valued equally. The personal friendships I've made 'with not for' people with disabilities has been life changing.

Why I'm involved

Simon Upcott


unnamed (5).jpg

I’m providing input on Wave’s organisational structure, drawn from my experience working in business and with other charities.

Why I'm involved

Anchal Gupta



Coming soon

Why I'm involved